An Event in Honor of Farmer's Day

National Farmers Day or Kisan Diwas is celebrated in the honor of Chaudhary Charan Singh who was the fifth Prime Minister of India on his Birthday. He was highly compassionate towards farmer community and introduced several policies for benefiting farmers.

Farmers are the spine of India. The nation of lands.  It goes without saying that farmers are the backbone of our society and contribute greatly to the economic development of India. 23rd of December, a day dedicated to Indian farmers would not only increase their enthusiasm but would create respect in people’s mind for them.

The event will include a marathon / walkathon with sapling distribution, awareness drive, real farmers sharing their stories, student participation. The event will be held in Navi Mumbai.

Farmethon - Run to Farmers is an event being organized on occasion of Farmer’s Day.

~ Join Us to Help Farmers ~

It is a need of the hour to save the farmers and create awareness among the people to save food and water and come forward to HELP FARMERS.

We plan to raise enough funds to gift seeds, fertilizers, water sintex, clothes & medical support to farmers and their family; sponsors are most welcome.

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